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Lawrence World Sports Awards Ceremony in Monaco in 2019

Among the various awards of Lawrence World Sports Award, the selection of the best male athlete is extremely fierce. This year is no exception. Among the candidates nominated are Mbappe, Kipjog and James, who are superstars in their respective sports fields.

Eventually, with a successful return to tennis, Serbian King Djokovic won the best male player trophy. This is the fourth time that he has won the prize, after Federer (5 times) and equals Bolt, a famous sprinter.

"Every athlete wants to win the Lawrence Prize, which is a great honor for me." At the awards ceremony, Deyo said excitedly, "It***9;s of special significance for me to witness Lawrence***9;s exciting moment tonight among the many elites of sports."

Since this season, Deyo has shown great dominance. At the Australian Open, which ended in January, he won the seventh title in the final against Spanish champion Nadal, the 15th Grand Slam in his career.